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Ready to be INSPIRED?

Excellent.  We are too.  INSPIRE is a nationwide group of eXp Realty agents led by Joanne Bolt.  We are mostly female agents who collaborate together via weekly masterminds, and who learn from each other via monthly guest speakers.  

From agents straight out of college who look to be inspired on how to build their business, to brand new moms who need a tribe to help them learn how to adjust to their new role as dual career and stay at home (or not!) mom, to the amazing women who've been in the business for years and are now  enjoying the fruits of their labors.    The've inspried me, and they'll inspire you too.

Inspire is for you if you value the power of women, want to be surrounded by a tribe that is growth minded and ready to assist,  or if you're looking to lead and be an inspiration to the women around you.  


You can have it all.  You can be the wife/mom/sister/aunt/grandmother and run the real estate business that meets your needs.  We're here to help. 


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I've got a lot to show you. 

Why is eXp the right brokerage to partner with in the INSPIRE group?

Because the goal is always to maximize your time and energy, while making the highest profit possible.  

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Why Joanne Joined eXp
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Why Partner with INSPIRE at eXp Realty

Hey-you have to have a sponsor to be in this brokerage.  So be with one who considers you a business partner and helps you grow your business!

Virtual Vault

Login to our cloudbased storage and access all the trainings, masterminds, and more if you missed the live session or just plain want to see it again.

Use the past trainings to help train YOUR team!


Private Slack Channel & Facebook Group

Need immediate help and want to text the entire group?  Hop into our slack channel and post your question for everyone to respond to.  Want to cultivate community and see what's happening in our world?  Check out the Facebook group!

Annual Sales Trip Eligibility

Finally!  A real estate team that runs more like a corporate sales team.  By meeting eligibility requirements of the group, you can earn chances to win a spot in the yearly Bolt Group Sales Trip.  

Mexico, Arizona, Napa Valley.  Just a few of the spots our agents have gone to relax, recharge, and regroup after completing a successful year in real estate. 


Maybe you're already hitting the maximum number you can handle in a given year, but maybe not.  We'll teach you the methods Joanne used to streamline and scale efforts by leveraging your sphere of influence on social media.

All agents at eXp are on 80/20 splits with a $16,000 cap.


Join me for the yearly INSPIRATION Event where I bring in keynote speakers from around the world to discuss various aspects of running women owned businesses

Revenue Share

You know that women tend to go the bathroom in groups.  Or heck, really anywhere we go-it's in pairs. 

Using eXp's brokerage model, you no longer trade your time for money, but instead leverage your knowledge to form partnerships with agents all across the country.  You know.  The women you run in circles with.   INSPIRE is Rev-Share in action.  This is how you retire in style, drinking a cocktail on the front porch with your bestie. 



Say what?  I can add to my retirement account by simply doing what I do best and closing a deal?

You got  it sister.  Every year on your first closing you earn stock.  Bring a friend along with you to the group and when they close their first deal you get stock.

Oh and the icing on the cake?  When you cap, if you do an additional 20 transaction, eXp will award you with your entire cap back in stock. 

Yes, that's $16,000 in stock.  That's a pretty nice chunk of change to have available for when you decide to spend your time traveling the world instead of working. 

Ready to Make the Switch & get started?

Part of the Fabulousness of eXp is you can literally join from anywhere, at any time.  So-Today is the day! Let's do this!


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