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Ready to start really living your best life?  I believe in the power of relationships and being in charge of your own career.  That's why I chose to partner with eXp Realty, a brokerage focused on agents who want to suceed with the latest in technlogy platforms, opportunities to own the business, and grow both financially and professionally.  

I used to have a traditionally run real estate team.  One where I was the mega agent, and the agents on my team split their finances with me.  It didn't sit well with my values.  I'm here to help agents grow their business how THEY want to.  Not to help them break the bank and only do it "my " way.

On The Bolt Group we are committed to helping one another.  We celebrate successes, hold the hands in failures, and constantly learn.  We support all agents from the newly licensed to the mega teams, to the agent looking to move our of production and into another area of real estate like coaching or retirement!

Our team is worldwide and we have agents and teams in almost all the states in the US.  We are looking to continue expanding across the country, as well as into all the other countries that eXp is operating.  That means you can join us from literally anywhere!  Over the years I've changed the lives of so many agents.  Is it time for yours to change?  Join us!

I'm Interested!

I've got a lot to show you. 

Please watch the eXp videos before scheduling a call with me.  I want to dive into how The Bolt Group incorporates into the brokerage and adds value, but first you should probably see what eXp by itself offers!

eXp Explained
Why Joanne Joined eXp
Real Talk with eXp
Passive Income Explained

Why Partner with The Bolt Group at eXp Realty

Hey-you have to have a sponsor to be in this brokerage.  So be with one who considers you a business partner and helps you grow your business!

Virtual Vault

Login to our cloudbased storage and access all the trainings, masterminds, and more if you missed the live session or just plain want to see it again.

Use the past trainings to help train YOUR team!


Private Slack Channel & Facebook Group

Need immediate help and want to text the entire group?  Hop into our slack channel and post your question for everyone to respond to.  Want to cultivate community and see what's happening in our world?  Check out the Facebook group!

Annual Sales Trip Eligibility

Finally!  A real estate team that runs more like a corporate sales team.  By meeting eligibility requirements of the group, you can earn chances to win a spot in the yearly Bolt Group Sales Trip.  

Mexico, Arizona, Napa Valley.  Just a few of the spots our agents have gone to relax, recharge, and regroup after completing a successful year in real estate. 

Learning Opportunities w/Joanne and Industry Experts

Mondays: Mindset meeting in the AM to talk about production and get you started on your week.

Tuesdays: Group Coaching with Josh Friberg of The Abundant Agent Coaching

Wednesdays: Productivity Training.  Yes I focus on building your business around referrals and social media.

But we feature sessions with guest speakers who teach on THEIR superpower in this industry!

Thursdays: All things tech!  The technology, tools and systems you need to run your business

Unlimited Access

Not only do you have access to me (Seriously!  I'm your business partner!) You also get access to The Thrive Network with Vlad Kats, Devin Doherty, and Jim Black.  We are your business partners!





Join me for the yearly Foundation Event where I bring in keynote speakers from around the world to discuss building the foundation of your business.

Partnering with me means you also get access to private eXp masterminds like the Scottsdale event with Brent Gove

Ready to Make the Switch & get started?

Part of the Fabulousness of eXp is you can literally join from anywhere, at any time.  So-Today is the day! Let's do this!


Step 1-Join The Bolt Group
Step 2-Sign Me Up with eXp!

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Laura Whitney


Celia Pardue


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