The eXp Realty Revenue Share Program for agents and brokers not only works, but is the most profitable system around for agent passive income.

Over the last few months with eXp Realty, I’ve had quite a few fellow real estate agents ask me about the revenue share program, including how it works… AND if it really works. Personally, I can telI you not only that it works, but it's beating the competition hands down and month to month. 

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Myth Busters!

eXp Revenue Share can't compete with KW Profit Share because it doesn't vest

This is one of my favorite ones to debunk!  The expansion share (lower amount) does vest at 3 years.

Keller Williams changed their vesting to be 7 years.  That's longer than it took to vest when I was in the corporate world!

Profit Share wins over Revenue Share because of the amount of agents KW has vs. eXp

Actually the Profit Share factor of KW has been declining since 2017.  This could be due to the dependence on brick and mortar but that's my speculation.

What IS true is that a market center needs a 25% Profit Share factor to match the amount of revenue shared by eXp....and most of KW's offices aren't hitting that percentage.  Most run between 12-18% 


eXp Agents only recruit and I want to do production.

What you're probably seeing is the amount of eXp agents that have realized the potential of revenue share as a secondary form of income and value having multiple streams of financial freedom.  

Only about 10% of eXp agents focus on recruiting.  The other 90% focus on production and end up with agents in their revenue share downline as a by-product of doing good business.