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Ep 9: Does The Millionaire Real Estate Book Still Hold Relevance?


Building a team is hard work, and there's no true blueprint on getting it right.  The Millionaire Real Estate Book (MREA), written by Gary Keller is what Tina and I used to start the process of building our teams.

While the book certainly did give us both solid foundations, it was written about 20 years ago.  And let's face it-the Real Estate World has changed dramatically.  So is it still relevant?  What would we change if we were to write it in today's era of real estate?

The most profitable model is the showing assistant model.  1 rainmaker, 1 SA, and 2 admins.  But can it be scalable?

The missing person from the book is the social media marketing coordinator.  In today's world it would be one of Joanne's first hires!

One thing that should be mentioned is that scaling your business to the next level doesn't always mean how can the business be bigger?  Sometimes it's scaling the Quality of your life to be better.  


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