Buckle up Buttercup.  And say buh bye to those old tactics of  running your real estate business.  

Don't you dare complete another cold call or go door knocking.  

Time to go modern my friend.  Time to get into social media and use it like a business.  Because it is one.  

HI there!  My name is Joanne.  Since starting Real Estate in 2003, I've  successfully  proven that working by referral can be sustainable, scalable, and profitable. I've never conducted a cold call, gone on an appointment for a For Sale By Owner or Expired, or counted on expensive marketing to grow her business.

I may have learned to run my business using methods like hand written notecards, or calling on a set schedule every month to my database, but now I know the POWER of social media and use Instagram and Instagram to  over $20 million in real estate sales a year.


And you can too.  It's actually so simple it's hard. But I warn you.....throw out what you've been taught.  Be ready to do something OTHER than what you think you should be doing.  Because if you're following old tactics, then you've already become white noise to your prospective clients and they aren't seeing you. 

You have to be engaging, relevant, and not do anything that screams "Give me a referral".  You have to level up your social media to get those referrals. 


Are you ready?  Let's get started.

Let's Level Up!

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